This is the only naturally life supporting planet in the Svalin System. Naturally, most of the local society stems from this planet.

Othrevir has an interesting relationship with [Suttung]], it’s overlarge satellite. Suttung is only 20% smaller than Othrevir, and they orbit each other in an all but completely braked cycle. Suttung orbits Othrevir only once in every 10 standard cycles. Not only that, but the two are only 100,000 km apart at most.

Thus, Suttung has an immense effect of the surface life of Othrevir. The dwarf planet causes and immense bulge in the ocean which is effectively dragged across the whole surface of the planet, known as the deluge. This is preceded by a stormy season, and leaves a dry, windy season in it’s wake.

Additionally, the deluge brings a great deal of tectonic and volcanic activity. The result is a very fertile, mineral rich, lush landscape around the temperate regions of the planet.

Othrevir itself is a very mountainous land, left raw by the deluge every so many years. The deluge redraws the map in many ways, leaving new lakes and reservoirs as it passes. The flora and fauna have adapted to this cycle, allowing for long term survival.

The locals have dwell beneath the surface in a vast network of tunnels. All major cities are connected by a web like network of underground rails. Stone working has become a cultural trade, given the history of carving into the planet for shelter from the deluge. The planet has also been very generous with rare minerals and heavy elements which are also featured prominently in their stone working.

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