JyaDe Empire

Little is known of the JyaDe Empire itself. The civilization came to an abrupt end approximately 30,000 years ago by unknown circumstances. The considerable majority of knowledge about this period is taken directly from the histories and mythologies of various regions and cultures that compose the Body of Multilateral Accord, which are often unreliable if not outright contradictory. Other information concerning the civilization has been gradually pieced together through exploration and analysis of JyaDe era artifacts and ruins. However, after a minimum of 30,000 years very few quality samples remain to be discovered at all.


It is commonly believed that the JyaDe Empire was the first galaxy wide civilization. According to the Body‘s official opinion, the civilization reached this scope approximately 50,000 years ago and continued for 8,000 years before it’s collapse. Galactic history before this time is foggy at best.

The end of the JyaDe Empire is equally enigmatic. Very little findings have suggested anything about the nature of the incident beyond the fact that it was remarkably quick. Following the event, the Empire broke off into millions of separate nations, many of which possessed galaxy-sized ambitions. For more information on the state of galactic civilization see Transimperial Age.


Considering the contradictory nature of the sources involved, little is agreed upon in terms of the make up of the society of the JyaDe Empire. Sources generally describe a dynastic rule complete with an Emperor. The location of the Emperor and ruling family are, in most cases, described as unknown, hidden or removed. The Emperor and the ruling family are also described in fantastic terms, though the details vary, in virtually all mythology collected throughout the Body.

The JyaDe Empire also developed a very intricate genealogies. Several different “lines” of people were carefully breed and maintained. As a result, an intricate caste system developed which then branched off into different ‘species’ across the galaxy. Ultimately this recombined, so that a person of a given stock and location was held in different status from another person of the same stock and different location as well as the person of a different stock and same location. Many other factors, such as profession or even knowledge, complicated this system even further.

Archeological Findings

Though only a small quantity of physical sample from this age have been found. The official assessment of this fact is that the people of the JyaDe Empire may have had some other means of interacting with their devices and technologies. In a similar fashion, many of the buildings and vessels from this period have proved all but impenetrable. The computers of this age appear completely nonfunctional.

The knowledge of these technologies were, by all indication, lost with the Empire at it’s collapse. No culture of the the Body has continued to develop technology of this fashion since that time.


The remains of an individual have never been found at any site. Very little information on the people themselves exists.

JyaDe Empire

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