Daughter Twins

The Daughter Twins of the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira are, in one sense her daughters, and in another sense her twins. These individuals are bred and engineered to match the original in disposition, values and faculties. They are quite nearly identical to the original, so much so that the Inheritance treats them as the same person for it’s purposes.

Should the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira‘s rapport with the Inheritance suffer or diminish, a Daughter Twin will be used instead. Should this falter become permanent, or should the Daughter Twin’s rapport be stronger or deeper than the original’s rapport, she will be instated as the new Basileus Imperata Autokrateira by the Heavens Divine of the Body of Multilateral Accord and it’s Governates and so on and so on.

The slight differences found between Daughter Twin’s and their “Mother Sister” though minimal, are encouraged. Each successive generation must have a deeper rapport with the Inheritance, so it is hoped that such deeper connections may be readily discovered by way of controlled variation.

The Daughter Twins do posses much of the same legal and administrative powers as the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira, and are often sent out to handle the of demands that she, as but one individual, cannot meet. It is also not uncommon for the Daughter Twins to be more directly involved in military efforts.

Daughter Twins

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