Any member of the Assensate is known as an assensator. The principal duty of an assensator is the provide the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira with crucial information concerning the the Body and to advance plans designed to meet the needs of the the Body along with the other members of the Assensate. Extensive hormone therapy is required of any and all assensators in order to assure unclouded and objective reasoning. Assensators also participate in the prosecution of high treason cases.

Assensators can attain different ranks within the Assensate, which correspond to elevated duties. Speaking order and certain procedural rights are bestowed by rank.

The Clarissimi, the lowest rank, is the only group of assensators that are not associated with any area of the the Body of Multilateral Accord. Many of these individuals were invited into the Assensate by the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira on the grounds of outstanding expertise in a given field. Instead of commenting on the particulars of a given region the Clarissimi provide expert information regarding their specialty when it is relevant. There is no limit to the number of Clarissimi seats within the Assensate.

Spectibles make up the second rank, above only the Clarissimi. Spectibles are concerned only with one given system at any given time, though there may be multiple Spectibles assigned to represent and one system. Most are former quaestors who were voted in to the Assensate by the Assensate in order to fill a vacancy. Membership in this rank is determined by the number of system, except when the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira appoints additional Spectibles to one system.

Illustres, the second highest rank, represent whole governates. This great responsibility is very exclusive. An assensator must serve as a Spectible for a number of years before one is even considered as a candidate. Membership in this rank is determined by the number of governates, except when the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira appoints additional Ilustres to one governate, which is much more common than multiple assensators being assigned to a single system. This used to be the highest rank in the Assensate.

The highest rank, Gloriosi, concern themselves with the entirety of the the Body. There is no specified number of seats available in this rank, though conditions for candidacy are so extremely exclusive than few ever qualify. At most, there have been nineteen Gloriosi (presently there are fourteen). The Gloriosi are by far the most active in the Assensate, and interact with the Prefect and the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira extensively, by comparison.



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