Carnus Logiere'

Excubitor infiltrator and head-hunter


Character Statement
He seeks perfect freedom, therefore he accepts no methods other than his own.

Male, 5’10" 170lbs. Non-descript face and body with short brown hair and an almost constant facial hair stubble. Ambidexterous, but prefers using his right hand. Hates wearing uniforms or anything big and bulky. Also prefers to wear clothing and accesories that make him hard to notice/recognize.

Through psychological regression therapy saw that members of the rebel army murdered his parents and left him for dead as a baby because they worked for the Body.

Killed a fleeing rebel commander as the main invasion landed and was rewarded by the Moralist Army commander when he was young with better food, lodging, and respect among the soldiers. Instilled in him a love of killing fleeing/hiding rebels.

He is usually very grim and sullen, never really experiences joy or happiness unless he is capturing or killing a target. Very determined and single-minded in purpose, but creative and versital in trying to accomplish that purpose.
-Outlook: Determined and driven
-Attitude: Grim and humorless

To eliminate dissention within the Body

To obtain a degree of freedom and autonomy, and not be under anyones command or orders


Orphaned by war as a baby, was adopted into the {group name} and trained to be a child-infiltrator. After performing this task for several years, he was killed during an invasion by a rebel who (rightfully) blamed him for betraying them. Luckily, Body scientists found him in time and his Ego was saved into a micro-computer chip and was implanted into another childs body to continue his work. After performing this task for several decades, he he joined the Moralist army and was quickly placed with the Scholars due to his knowledge and experience with rebel groups and then eventually earned a spot with the Excubitor division.

Carnus Logiere'

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