ALL AS ONE: Gathering Paradise

A New Star Above the Horizon
Chapter 1



Statement: To infiltrate rebel organization to gather intelligence on developing resistance.

Location: Planet Othrevir, via train to Begelabrik Space Port.

Personal assigned:1) intelligence officer; one Dr. Alexander, 2) Excubitor; one Carnus Logiere’, and 3) ; one Roq Jacobs.

Resources: Three standard Tiger M2 Power Armor Unit’s and Personal equipment

Officer in Charge: Jacobs

Debrief: Sir,

All due respect, but fuck you and fuck your damn intelligence. Everything was going great. The two you assigned to me were doing their thing, gathering Intel, making relations with the rebels and what not, when Alexander noticed the train stopped. I evacuated the train, dawned my power armor and waited for whatever retartedness was about to jump out of the shadows and surprise face fuck this entire operation. I noticed some wind. The Excubitor was stalking hungrily some attractive women or something. Few moments later Alexander informed me there was a train coming for us. Yes. A Fucking a train. Going the wrong way. Amazing your sensors were not able to pick that up. Maybe you sent the train. Maybe you were on the train. Who fucking knows? Jumping down on the track I attempted to save the bait by moving the track in front of the train to the side of the tunnel we were in. Then I ran. Piece of adamantium pierced my suit. That’s the 8th piece of train that found it’s way shrapnel wise into my body over the years in service to the Body, just to let you know sir. Not asking for a medal or anything. Maybe my old job back? Sure you don’t give a fuck, but the way I figure, you have to read these debriefs so I might as well let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work for the Body. Anyways. Train wreck happens. People die. Another train pulls up. A squad exit’s the train and begins opening fire on the rebel bait trying frantically to escape. One well placed grenade liquidated the enemy. A second squad emerged from the train. This one the Excubitor helped with. Only managed to eliminate about half before they retreated.

Recommendations: Give me more men, and let me know next time there is a fucking train stampeding down the track at me. Thanks


Excubitor Logiere’

Target Status: Still at large.

Mission Progress: Delayed, but ongoing

While accompanying Officer Jacobs and Dr. Alexander on a jet-rail to Begelabrik Spaceport, I blended in with the locals and began to try and dig up some leads on where sources of further info and intelligence could be located with minimal success. This was due to our conveyance stopping without announcement. Upon investigation of the stoppage by interviewing train staff and locals, discovered that the power was out and was a regular occurrence due to the recent bombings and Lone Voice activities. While moving to the rear of the conveyance to investigate hypnogogic occupants and luggage compartment (nano-comp download of occupant list en route), I was informed by Dr. Alexander that there was a train coming from the other direction at a high rate of speed along our track. This I deduced was NOT a regular occurrence.

I then pulled the emergency alarm to create confusion and put on my Tiger M2 suit and proceeded to exit the conveyance and strategically withdrew from the imminent impact zone. Upon impact I received very minor wounds and all equipment remained fully functional, intact, and undamaged.

Upon viewing of Officer Jacobs and Dr. Alexanders suit and chip feeds, discovered that the same could not be said for them, however their suits trauma kits did their job and stabilized their condition.

Upon seeing the armed group of rebels coming from another conveyance that pulled up along the track, I began the long trek through the wreckage of two crashed jet-rails to assist Jacobs in the firefight against the armed rebels. En’ route to the battle, I managed to detain and restrain a fleeing rebel for further interrogation and processing in the immediate future. Once I arrived at the battle, I saw Jacobs had incinerated or destroyed many of the armed rebels, and managed to kill one myself before they retreated back to the jet-rail. Jacobs and I tried to stop the jet-rail and detain the soldiers without success.

We are now searching the wreckage and interrogating any survivors.

Supplemental Report

Excubitor Logiere’

Target Status: Still at large

Mission Status: Progressing on schedule

After securing the battle site, Scholator Jacobs managed to find a survivor among the rebel troops we dispatched (as per earlier report). Dr Alexander was able to stabilize the patient for further interrogation. Meanwhile, Jacobs rounded up approximately 30 rebel sympathizers who were attempting to aid the rebel troops in the battle (they ran up to the armed rebels asking them for aid and were NOT being shot at by said rebels… proof of collusion).

While they secured the battle/crash site, I managed to interrogate the prisoner I mentioned in my last report. Unfortunately he didn’t know anything and died of injuries received during the collision (Train shrapnel pierced his torso). Since he matched my approximate appearance, I switched identities with him and managed to keep cover intact.

I then proceeded to the rear of our train and began to search the baggage area (after clearing out the looters and panicked masses). Could not find any sign of rebel intel during my brief search but did manage to use two deceased passengers from the hypnogogic area that roughly matched the descriptions of Jacobs and Alexander (Although I appreciate sending such a skilled and capable Dr along on this mission… fuck you… ceramic plated skin? seriously?) and took their idents along with new clothing for them so we (they) could hopefully remain in undercover long enough for me to acquire target and unleash death (Jacobs) upon her and her followers.

After staging our deaths, I returned disguised in my Tiger Mk2 power armor to assist Jacobs in interrogating the rebel conspirators. After a cursory glance at them, I deduced that none of them were in disguise. Upon beginning the interrogations, many of them fled into the wreckage (further evidence of being in league with the rebels). We managed to gather up most of them and Jacobs dealt with them in his own crude manner.

Before the incident, Jacobs and Alexander managed to glean some useful intel out of the dying rebel soldier. They were pursuing Advocate Grodnr from Begelabrik spaceport on the jet-rail that crashed into us, and tried to eliminate everyone on his train, suspecting him to be an agent of the Body (I was unaware of any other infiltration operation ongoing in this sector… If he was an agent of ours please update his status as compromised, MIA: Presumed dead.).

We gathered our prisoner, gear, and after taking on the appearance and ident of said passenger, we headed off East along the tunnel to an abandoned train station. Upon entering the corridor, we saw early pagan wall paintings and Dr. Alexander deduced that this area had been out of use for a century or more. We eventually came across a cave-in within the corridor and managed to bust through the wall into a catacomb of sorts. During this time I managed to trick our prisoner Stratio Lisen to reveal that there are a very large group of rebels located in Begelabrik in the Lower Levels.

We walked along the absurd catacombs (included are pictures of their pagan artwork and funerary customs of sealing the dead into large statues) until we found a main tunnel. Jacobs detected several thermal images with his suit and we took up defensive positions. After a very brief battle, we killed two rebel soldiers and captured two others for interrogation. Discovered that the rebels are using these ancient unused tunnels to evade the Body and had them wired up with sound-sensing alarms. Jacobs, using his usual crude tactics, began to torture one of the prisoners to lure more soldiers to our position. I am confident that we will eventually capture someone of high enough rank to lead us to the rebel leaders.

Situation Report: Rock Jacobs
Mission: Find location of Mals Foeiree
Location: Planet Othrevir, via train to Begelabrik Space Port.
We stumbled on a lead it looks like. After surveying the bodies of the recently deceased, I found a survivor, Alef Lisen. Alexander got him tickin’ again, while I dealt with other rebels. Sir, I had every intention of interrogating them all first, but they started running, and we can’t have that, now can we sir? When the doc got the kid starry eyed again, I got him talking. His squad was assigned with tracking down some man, and killing all associated with him. The target was Advocate Grodnr. Made my heart flutter. Makes an old man like myself think this kid has more he ain’t telling me. I pick him up we go down into the tunnel system in further search of Foierre.
Alexander was all data pad and notations when we got into a section of train station and saw all these cave paintings. We found some statue’s that Alexander believed held body’s. Smashed one to help her with her research. I smelt an ambush. Sure as shit. My thermal readings picked one up. The Excubitor snapped my precious bride’s neck, and we got to killing.
Two left after the battle. One I had to use as an example. The tunnel seems to be rigged with comm’s sir. That’s how they knew we were coming. The use the damn tunnels to get around without us knowing.
More to follow.
1. Flush out these tunnels with 2-3 companies of standard infantry.
2. Send Large Crate of Rail Road stakes

From the note of Avre Alexander, Sociopsychologist:

Day one of observation; these people are unseemly. The children on this train are ill-mannered and covered in filth. Not one person here speaks any iteration of upper common. In interacting with the children, I found them to be rather quiet, but still somewhat impressionable. They could potentially be molded to fit the Moralist Army‘s needs. They value concepts like "good"ness. This is a useful trait to the arm, as it breeds intense and fearless soldiers, if not overzealous ones (as demonstrated by cases such as Scholator Jacobs’).

. . .

The train is standing, but the operators act unaware. Emergency lights are going off, and a few of them are nervous. Jacobs and I scouted out the passage, there is a roaring and a quickening wind.

. . .

The wind turned out to be an oncoming train. Massive civilian casualties, the rebels attacked the refugee train. Speaking to the civilians yield nothing, though they find some delusion and hope in the thought of the Lone Voice.

. . .

Jacobs found a fresh body to resuscitate, one of the rebel soldiers by the name of Alef Lisen. See Jacobs’ report for intelligence detail. Found two bodies of rebel soldiers shot by their own comrades—not accidental. One old, one young. Likely farmers or uneducated skilled laborers recruited for the paramilitary forces. Quick autopsy of other bodies showed recent meals of gruel, vegetable soup, fish, and rice.

. . .

Back in the tunnel, we found a closed station that appears to house a very old catacomb. Murals of saints cover the walls, and the dead are encased in statues. Breaking open the statues revealed nothing extraordinary. Preserved cadavers in old formal dress of the local culture.

It appears that these catacombs are a significant location for the rebellion. They are likely considered part of the local heritage. During our observation, we were ambushed by a small squad. We made quick work of them, their weapons are average and the soldiers do not have skill.

They do have some amount of will, though certainly malleable. Interrogation of one prisoner using emotional cues yielded some information. Threat and witness of physical violence caused distress, but threat of mortality was not as effective.

According to the prisoner, the catacombs are heavily wired. There must be something important here, though the prisoner refused to give up this information in exchange for a painless death. Prisoner showed some interest in martyrdom/heroism.

. . .

Upon further exploration of the tunnels, we came upon a pathway leading upward around some sort of power station—presumably the pathway led toward the surface. We were met with explosives and turrets, but managed to find an escape by maneuvering around the structure.

. . .

We eventually came to a large chamber with roots running through the walls. This was an indication that we were close to the surface. We found two small children hiding there; one mute girl holding a dead boy. Both were covered in filth and the girl had clearly been there for some time. The room had high levels of radioactivity; the chamber was most certainly affected by the bombings.

. . .

Attempts to get information from the girl were met with failure. It took a great deal of coaxing to pry the dead boy from her arms. She likely suffers from an acute case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Administered medication for the radiation poisoning and other physical effects, but treatment of the disorder may be more difficult without knowing the subject’s prior situation. We are bringing her along in hopes of getting information from her. Failing that, I may reconfigure her ego. Will consult with the Body if this is the case.

. . .

At the surface we had to navigate craters from bombs in the wild young landscape. Rain made the land unstable, and we had to deal with a mudslide by climbing large vascular plants. These plants were odd flowers, macroflora the size of trees. From this vantage point, we spotted a development next to a body of water.

. . .

With great stealth, Logiere’ went to infiltrate the development. When we did not hear from him, we followed. The people there claimed to be a research group for The Body. They had detained Logiere’ for testing, not knowing that he was an agent of The Body. I ordered immediate cessation of this process under authority of the body.

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How Mals Foierre Came To Be
Chapter 0

Little concrete information about Mals Foierre exists at all.

Who is she? Where did she come from? Why?

It has been reported that Foierre was once a member of the Assensate, Moralist Army or some other institution. None of this is known for sure. It is just as likely that it is all true as it is that none of it is.

It is also possible that the Foierre referred to in these days does not exist. Perhaps the rebellion is fueled by the idea of Foierre, the ever elusive super-leader capable of an endless amount of trouble for an endlessly powerful society. It could be that men and women, sitting around a fine artisan table, enjoying the luxuries of their position quietly decided that such a person exists. Surely, if this were the case, it would have to be in some way beneficial to those who invoked the Foierre illusion. What was their purpose? And where have they gone?

Perhaps the setting is all wrong. Instead of an antique table, it was a subspatial drone threading through the fabric of reality it self to bring people together even though the galaxy might be folded in two. Isn’t that the problem after all, two peoples in one place?

Still, if Foierre is but an idea, those who birthed this idea need not even know each other. It could have been a deliberate accident.

But no, Foierre, the Assensator, is tall and strong, with hair so mandarin that the fires of hell have no wrath for her. She never spoke, but always listened. She was a Clarissimi, of course, an adviser so rarely needed that her presence was hardly detectable. She was a scholar on interplanetary astrobiology. She spent several lifetimes scraping the craters of nearly discarded dwarfs just to see how far life itself could go. No, wait, she was a Gloriosi a long time ago and retired for some reason, only she woke up too soon, or too late, or when nobody was looking and she vanished, only to turn up in the Drugas. Got it wrong again I’m afraid, she was a Clarissimi first, became a Gloriossi under uncertain circumstances, and then entered centuries long slumber. Either way, she had a few aces up her sleeve and knew she could wait forever until the time was right.

Dash that, Foierre is merely the new identity of a Domestico who allegedly died years ago. Little did they know that the ever useful ego file was still floating around Nastrond and, well, it got out. Or in; into Foierre’s skull. Truly Foierre is merely the afterlife of the vengeful Domestico, who may or may not have been betrayed by his brother and would never realize his dreams of becoming Megadomestico. Hence, the rebellion. It is a galactic quarrel between two brothers beyond the stars, beyond space, beyond blood, and even beyond death itself.

But not even that is the end of the tale. Foierre was a brain doctor of one stripe or another who became really, really good at swapping in and out of bodies. After an almost limitless procession of mixed identity and confusion, the doctor had found a way around civilized complications, and Foierre is merely the latest in the line. Or was, but the name stuck. That’s why there is no consensus on Foierre’s physical appearance – she is many people.

Considering that none of those explanations are mutually exclusive, here are some facts.
The Moralist Army has declared Foierre deceased no less than fourteen times. Fifteenth time’s a charm, they say. She was once a tall, muscular man, ebony of skin and slow of speech. “His” ship was removed from reality at a rather inopportune moment and they collected the bodies after. On another occasion she (this time) was a set of Siamese twins of 8 years all said, joined at the face. They were captured and interrogated separately, but the bubbling acid melted her secrets away, as well. On another time she was a giant (gender not discernible, actually) no less than eight meters in height and covered with the most bizarre growths as to challenge the definition of human. Neither bullets nor laser nor atomic weapon could defeat this beast. That is, until one clever person realized how much a creature of that size must eat and set out to blockade the beast. Another report suggests that she was the very image of he Basileus Imperata Autokrateira herself. Odds are, Foierre thought that was very funny. In any case, the list goes on.

Either Foierre exists, and has achieved total mastery of her identity in every sense, or she does not exist at all. Or rather, that the idea of Foierre is somehow more real than the person is. Assuming she exists, it is commonly held that she has access to a wide variety of bodies, and very good ones at that, and she possesses the means to transfer between them regularly. This could be made practical if ego backups were being constantly made, but the equipment for this had to come from somewhere (another question with all too many answers). But it may be that Foierre is not one person, nor nobody at all, but several persons sharing the identity. Another series of possibilities, that.

But one question still remains, and the answer to this may be the only means of discerning the answers to the above questions: why is she rebelling against the Body of Multilateral Accord? What does she stand to gain in this war?

This question may too be backwards. Why does the Body of Multilateral Accord seek to stop her?

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