Kerimas, Belatucadros, Maree; three stellar nations caught up in the tides of war.

But this is no ordinary conflict. It is a rebellion out of control. Never before has a rebellion resisted the force of the Body of Multilateral Accord. Never before has a single rebellion reached so many stars. Never before has a rebellion ensnared so many people.

This rebellion was different for one reason: Mals Foierre, leader of the rebellion and instigator of interstellar war, is now the most notorious criminal in the history of the Body of Multilateral Accord, and therefore in all the galaxy as well.

Mals Foierre; dissident, rebel, traitor. Even the might of the Moralist Army could not rein her in. Her former connections with the Assensate has armed her with the knowledge she needs to avoid capture.

But her luck has run out. Mals Foierre is believed to be trapped in the Svalin System, a star system in Kerimas. The Moralist Army has formed a blockade around the system, but Mals Foierre still has not been found.

Elite task forces have been sent in to turn every stone, uproot every tree, level every wall and open every brain in order to find her. Can a lone soldier do what a whole army could not?

ALL AS ONE: Gathering Paradise uses the I game system. I is a yet-to-be-published independent effort which aims to define characters from a psychological perspective and orients game-play around character development and story-based decisions.

ALL AS ONE: Gathering Paradise

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