The Body of Multilateral Accord

also referred to as the Body.

The Body of Multilateral Accord refers to the established governing body of the galaxy. The Body is primarily the establishment of mutual economic assistance between all of its members, which includes all nations of the galaxy at present. The Body does not represent, nor does it favor, any one nation or culture, but exists as an external entity. The Unanimous Body is headed by the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira, whose timeless wisdom guides the galaxy, and the Assensate, a collection of individuals which determines the needs of the galaxy and advises the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira.

Despite an imperialist attitude at various points in history, the Body is most appropriately described as a comecon. The ultimate goal of the Body is to determine the needs of the galaxy, to devise a plan to meet said needs and to implement the chosen plan through a variety of means. The Body of Multilateral Accord is essentially both socialist and communist. The Body plans the economy and controls all means of production. As such there is no private ownership or capital wealth. Nearly all avenues of life have been socialized. Through these means the Unanimous Body has removed all want and need from civilization.

Molecular Nanofactories are almost exclusively relied upon to achieve this, and are often cited by historians as the most significant factor of the early and continued success of the Body.

The Body of Multilateral Accord

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