Standard Speech

The official and approved language spoken through the Body of Multilateral Accord. Other regional languages are still in wide use, but this is the only language in use everywhere.

There are nine forms of the Standard Speech.

Standard One has only two characters, and is used primarily by simple computers and devices.

Standard Two has sixteen characters and is the most widely practiced form of the language. It is very simple, and thus is used by those for whom Standard is not their primary language. This accounts for the majority of the population.

Standard Three is a much more efficient language. It makes user of five hundred twelve characters. Standard Three expresses ideas with great efficiency and clarity, thus making it useful for human interactions.

Standard Four makes use of 65,536 characters, and is considered of limited use for most interactions. However, Standard Four can express complicated scientific notions (such as subspace theory) which Standard Three cannot. Standard Four finds most of it’s use in the upper level of government and military.

Forms Five through Nine are not considered to be actually speakable, and typically require computer assistance to employ, and dedicated translation efforts are needed to comprehend statements in these forms. Finally, these forms are controlled; only certain people are permitted to learn and study these forms.

Standard Five can represent alogical constructs in a useful fashion. This includes many psychological functions of minds, such as emotions, interest and behavior. In other words, Standard Five can create logical forms out of alogical concepts. Standard Five uses 33,554,432 characters.

Standard Six is used to program the virtual intelligence of artificial brains. Authentic intelligence can be fully expressed – and altered – through the use of this form. Standard Six has 68,719,476,736 characters.

Standard Seven somewhat similar to Standard Five, can fashion moral and ethical concepts without dispute. Standard Seven uses 5.62949953 × 10^14 characters.

Standard Eight is capable of expressing every possible event, past, present and future. It is the ultimate calculating tool. There is a devoted effort to decode the future by study of this form. Standard Eight uses 1.84467441 × 10^19 characters

Standard Nine possesses 2.41785164 × 10^24 characters, and is believed to be self-referential. This form only exists theoretically. However, if it does exist, it is speculated to be sentient.

Standard Speech

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