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The Prefect is a special member of the Assensate who represents Basileus Imperata Autokrateira and her interests.

The Prefect’s fundamental duties are the most basic. All correspondence between the Assensate and Basileus Imperata Autokrateira are handled by the Prefect except under special circumstances. The Prefect also conducts the session. The Prefect may also advance Basileus Imperata Autokrateira’s ideas to the Assensate on her behalf. However, upon appointment, the Prefect no longer undergoes the hormone therapy required of other assensators.

Outside of the Assensate the Prefect acts as Basileus Imperata Autokrateira personal representative in any number of fashions. In many cases the Prefect is imbued with Basileus Imperata Autokrateira’s authority to act. Should the Basileus Imperata Autokrateira be removed from office, the Prefect assumes her role, with some restrictions, until a new Basileus Imperata Autokrateira is instated.

Finally, the Prefect serves as Praetor and Quaestor over the Sacrum Palatium.


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