Tag: enemy


  • Mals Foierre

    A former citizen of the [[The Body of Multilateral Accord]] with high political standing. Sometime during SC1144 she became known as a radical. On SD1146.210 she was identified as the primary leader of the [[Lone Voice]]. She is known to have access to …

  • Edle Narriss

    A [[Lone Voice | Lone Voice]] operative masquerading as a [[Moralist Army | Moralist Army]] Pentarch at a water treatment facility in the greater [[Begelabrik | Begelabrik]] region on [[Othrevir | Othrevir]]. She was discovered by the party, who then …

  • Alef Lisen

    A low ranking [[Lone Voice]] soldier unfortunate enough to be "questioned" by the "protagonists":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/all-as-one-gathering-paradise/npc-tracker/Protagonist during the events of [[Chapter 1]].