Tag: Governate


  • Belatucadros

    A large [[Governate]] currently involved in three way war due to the confused ideologies of a recent rebellion activity. Belatucadros is located on the border of [[The Drugas | the Drugas]] and [[Zairisha Reach]].

  • Kerimas

    A small [[Governate]] located within [[The Drugas | the Drugas]]. Kerimas is the seat of a rebellion against [[The Body of Multilateral Accord | the Body]]. The [[Moralist Army]] is currently occupying Kerimas and surrounding territories. *Points of …

  • Maree

    A small [[Governate]] located within the [[Zairisha Reach]] where it borders the [[The Drugas | the Drugas]]. Maree has been drawn into the infectious rebellion, and thus the war.