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  • Chapter 1

    MISSION DEBRIEF DATE: Statement: To infiltrate rebel organization to gather intelligence on developing resistance. Location: Planet [[Othrevir | Othrevir]], via train to [[Begelabrik | Begelabrik]] Space Port. Personal assigned:1) intelligence …

  • Svalin System

    A system recently reintroduced to [[The Body of Multilateral Accord | the Body of Multilateral Accord]] after years of rebellion. The system is currently the cite of extensive military investigation, as the traitor [[:mals-foierre | Mals Foierre]] is …

  • Kerimas

    A small [[Governate]] located within [[The Drugas | the Drugas]]. Kerimas is the seat of a rebellion against [[The Body of Multilateral Accord | the Body]]. The [[Moralist Army]] is currently occupying Kerimas and surrounding territories. *Points of …

  • Slep 822

    A transcontinental subterranean accelerated rail train on [[Othrevir | Othrevir]]. Destroyed during the events of [[Chapter 1 | Chapter 1]].

  • Valdt Grodnr

    A local magistrate mentioned as being perused by the [[Lone Voice | Lone Voice]]. His current whereabouts are unknown, though he is believed to have been in the train collision (see [[Chapter 1]]) and survived. He is presently held captive by the party. …

  • Edle Narriss

    A [[Lone Voice | Lone Voice]] operative masquerading as a [[Moralist Army | Moralist Army]] Pentarch at a water treatment facility in the greater [[Begelabrik | Begelabrik]] region on [[Othrevir | Othrevir]]. She was discovered by the party, who then …

  • Mios Pennet

    A nervously worried attendant. Tall, frail. He does not speak good Standard. [[:carnus-logiere | Carnus Logiere']] followed this man for a while.

  • "Taan"

    She is only five years old or so. She is emaciated an filthy, she has torn her blond hair out in chucks. She says "taan" sometimes. Otherwise she does not speak. [[:roq-jacobs | Roq Jacobs]] has taken it upon himself to educate and train the child in …

  • Alef Lisen

    A low ranking [[Lone Voice]] soldier unfortunate enough to be "questioned" by the "protagonists":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/all-as-one-gathering-paradise/npc-tracker/Protagonist during the events of [[Chapter 1]].


    The agent inhabiting [[:roq-jacobs | Roq Jacobs]] personal powered armor. She has quarantined the egos of [[:dulvi | "Dulvi"]] and [[:edle-narriss | Edle Narriss]] in partitioned databanks.