Valdt Grodnr

Begelabrik Advocate



Internal Aspects

Lost in thought
“We can do better.”
“Let’s be honest…”

External Aspects

Master of Red Tape

Advanced Aspects



Endurance: 2
Education: 5
Natural Science: 3
Bureaucracy: 5
Culture: 4
Leadership: 4
Networking: 4
Resources: 4


Physical Consequences

Minor: Sprained ankle
Moderate: Broken arm, ribs
Major: Ruptured organs

Mental Consequences

Minor: Trembling fear

Social Consequences

Moderate: Turncoat
Major: Traitor
Defeated: Death sentence


A local magistrate mentioned as being perused by the Lone Voice. His current whereabouts are unknown, though he is believed to have been in the train collision (see Chapter 1) and survived. He is presently held captive by the party.

Somewhat heavyset, dark hair going gray. He wears his burdens on his face very plainly. When first met, he suffered from a severs abdominal injury.

Valdt Grodnr

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