A lost and dying girl.



Internal Aspects

Life is unfair
Lost little girl
“I want them back”

External Aspects


Advanced Aspects

“Only a child.”
Small, thin, light


Endurance: 1
Perception: 2
Stealth: 2
Education: 2
Resolve: 1
Culture: 3
Manipulation: 1


Physical Consequences

Minor: Malnourished
Major: Radiation poisoning

Mental Consequences

Moderate: Flashbacks and night terrors
Major: Mute

Social Consequences

Minor: Orphan


She is only five years old or so. She is emaciated an filthy, she has torn her blond hair out in chucks. She says “taan” sometimes. Otherwise she does not speak.

Roq Jacobs has taken it upon himself to educate and train the child in order to transform her into a “noble warrior.”


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