Roq Jacobs




Internal Aspects

For the glory of the Body
“I must do something.”
Children are innocent
“I’ve seen some horrible things.”
“My days are numbered.”

External Aspects

The Face of the Body
“Young minds are impressionable.”
Heavily Decorated
Environmental Tactician
“I’m strong for my age.”

Advanced Aspects

Standard Nanotech
Scholator Training
Genetically Enhanced Super Soldier


Athletics: 3
Close Combat: 3
Endurance: 3
Perception: 2
Ranged Combat: 3
Unarmed Combat: 2
Military Science: 2
Reason: 1
Resolve: 1
Bureaucracy: 1
Empathy: 1
Interaction: 3
Leadership: 2
Manipulation: 5
Networking: 2
Resources: 2


Story Points: 5

Act: 8, Physical Health: 12
Think: 12, Mental Health: 8
Feel: 8, Social Standing: 12

Development Cycle

Dominate the Rebels (Gain their trust)
Build a unit (Child soldiers)
Save face for the Body (Find/kill Foierre)




Commanding officer of the Hichanators
Accomplished 893 missions
Confirmed kills: 67,893
Lead Propaganda Model 7 yrs in row (and standing)
Drill officer 8 years
• Trained 4,109 candidates
Weapons development correspondent
• Beam team 3 years
• Melee team 2 ½ years


Assensate Dignified medal of valor x3
Assensate medal of appreciation
Wounded Warrior medal x39
Campaign Medals x358
Solider of the quarter x758
Code of conduct medal x2
Rebel intervention medal
Weapons expert badge
Power armor with mechanics badge
Cape of duty award: color gold
F.R.E.E.D.O.M.* award


Insubordination citation
Words not bombs citation
Removal of Commanding officer of the year award
Genocide citation
Cruel and unusual citation
Article 15’s x67
Sentenced 6 years stasis prison

Subject has many CLASSIFIED awards, citations and stat’s. As material becomes UNCLASSIFIED it will be placed in Credentials.

*F.R.E.E.D.O.M. award stands for
• Future
• Rectifying
• Event
• Enhanced
• Divine
• Overseer’s
• Morningstar

Roq Jacobs

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