Edle Narriss

Undercover Lone Voice operative.



Internal Aspects

Unquestioningly loyal
“Don’t underestimate me.”

External Aspects

“Act natural.”
“Swallow your fears.”

Advanced Aspects

Lone Voice Operative
Great Intel


Endurance: 2
Perception: 2
Ranged Combat: 3
Unarmed Combat: 3
Military Science: 3
Reason: 1
Resolve: 2
Technical Science: 2
Empathy: 2
Leadership: 2
Manipulation: 3


Mental Consequences

Moderate: Furious
Major: Failure, humuliation


A Lone Voice operative masquerading as a Moralist Army Pentarch at a water treatment facility in the greater Begelabrik region on Othrevir. She was discovered by the party, who then extracted her ego and wiped the brain. Previously she had been subjected to (possibly manipulative) memory edits.

Edle Narriss

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