Avre Alexander

Doctor of psychology



Internal Aspects

“Anything can be analyzed.”
“You are your thoughts only.”
“Vulnerability is unacceptable.”
“We are more alike than we are different.”
The Body’s best and brightest

External Aspects

“I know what makes you tick.”
“You don’t know me.”
Nothing gets through this shell
Nothing goes over my head
“I can control every detail.”

Advanced Aspects

Standard Nanotech
Ego Sculptor
Sensory Augmentation
Dermal Plating
Social Saboteur


Acrobatics: 1
Endurance: 1
Perception: 4
Ranged Combat: 1
Medical Science: 3
Military Science: 1
Reason: 4
Resolve: 3
Social Science: 5
Culture: 3
Empathy: 2
Interaction: 1
Language: 2
Manipulation: 3
Resources: 2


Story Points: 5

Act: 11, Physical Health: 9
Think: 8, Mental Composure: 12
Feel: 9, Social Standing: 11

Development Cycle

Out-manipulate Foierre
Isolate Self
Locate Clone


Character Statement

She seeks seclusion, therefore she has no inhibitions.


(write about a formative chapter of her past)


(write about a traumatic or otherwise impactful event)


(her worldview)


(her attitude)




(write about a specific goal she seeks to bring to fruition)


Dr. Avre Alexander specializes in psychology, specifically the application of psychology and sociology to wartime practices such as interrogation and tactics. She was brought out of diapause by the Body of Multilateral Accord in order to join the special ops in a mission to hunt down traitor Foierre.

When working with other interrogators, she is known to subvocalize questions and psychoanalytic info to their communication devices while she silently watches the interrogation. She also assists in military tactics by analyzing the morale and living situation of enemies. She does not hesitate to exploit any psychological weakness she finds.

As part of her psychological profession, she has cybernetically enhanced senses; so she can literally smell fear, measure the dilation of a pupil, or sense the rising rate of a heartbeat. She then analyzes this bodily change and reasons out what psychology lies behind it: fear, lying, abandon, or something else.

Her physical appearance is non-threatening. The skin of her small body is partly replaced with thin but superstrong plates of ceramic shell. The thickest of these plates cover her scalp. They are a smooth matte flesh tone, giving her the appearance of a delicate china doll. However breakable she looks, this shell gives her excellent protection.

In order to fit her skin, must maintain an extremely strict diet and exercise regimen. She can neither afford to grow nor to shrink. The ceramic plating is a permanent part of her skin.

Avre Alexander

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