ALL AS ONE: Gathering Paradise

How Mals Foierre Came To Be

Chapter 0

Little concrete information about Mals Foierre exists at all.

Who is she? Where did she come from? Why?

It has been reported that Foierre was once a member of the Assensate, Moralist Army or some other institution. None of this is known for sure. It is just as likely that it is all true as it is that none of it is.

It is also possible that the Foierre referred to in these days does not exist. Perhaps the rebellion is fueled by the idea of Foierre, the ever elusive super-leader capable of an endless amount of trouble for an endlessly powerful society. It could be that men and women, sitting around a fine artisan table, enjoying the luxuries of their position quietly decided that such a person exists. Surely, if this were the case, it would have to be in some way beneficial to those who invoked the Foierre illusion. What was their purpose? And where have they gone?

Perhaps the setting is all wrong. Instead of an antique table, it was a subspatial drone threading through the fabric of reality it self to bring people together even though the galaxy might be folded in two. Isn’t that the problem after all, two peoples in one place?

Still, if Foierre is but an idea, those who birthed this idea need not even know each other. It could have been a deliberate accident.

But no, Foierre, the Assensator, is tall and strong, with hair so mandarin that the fires of hell have no wrath for her. She never spoke, but always listened. She was a Clarissimi, of course, an adviser so rarely needed that her presence was hardly detectable. She was a scholar on interplanetary astrobiology. She spent several lifetimes scraping the craters of nearly discarded dwarfs just to see how far life itself could go. No, wait, she was a Gloriosi a long time ago and retired for some reason, only she woke up too soon, or too late, or when nobody was looking and she vanished, only to turn up in the Drugas. Got it wrong again I’m afraid, she was a Clarissimi first, became a Gloriossi under uncertain circumstances, and then entered centuries long slumber. Either way, she had a few aces up her sleeve and knew she could wait forever until the time was right.

Dash that, Foierre is merely the new identity of a Domestico who allegedly died years ago. Little did they know that the ever useful ego file was still floating around Nastrond and, well, it got out. Or in; into Foierre’s skull. Truly Foierre is merely the afterlife of the vengeful Domestico, who may or may not have been betrayed by his brother and would never realize his dreams of becoming Megadomestico. Hence, the rebellion. It is a galactic quarrel between two brothers beyond the stars, beyond space, beyond blood, and even beyond death itself.

But not even that is the end of the tale. Foierre was a brain doctor of one stripe or another who became really, really good at swapping in and out of bodies. After an almost limitless procession of mixed identity and confusion, the doctor had found a way around civilized complications, and Foierre is merely the latest in the line. Or was, but the name stuck. That’s why there is no consensus on Foierre’s physical appearance – she is many people.

Considering that none of those explanations are mutually exclusive, here are some facts.
The Moralist Army has declared Foierre deceased no less than fourteen times. Fifteenth time’s a charm, they say. She was once a tall, muscular man, ebony of skin and slow of speech. “His” ship was removed from reality at a rather inopportune moment and they collected the bodies after. On another occasion she (this time) was a set of Siamese twins of 8 years all said, joined at the face. They were captured and interrogated separately, but the bubbling acid melted her secrets away, as well. On another time she was a giant (gender not discernible, actually) no less than eight meters in height and covered with the most bizarre growths as to challenge the definition of human. Neither bullets nor laser nor atomic weapon could defeat this beast. That is, until one clever person realized how much a creature of that size must eat and set out to blockade the beast. Another report suggests that she was the very image of he Basileus Imperata Autokrateira herself. Odds are, Foierre thought that was very funny. In any case, the list goes on.

Either Foierre exists, and has achieved total mastery of her identity in every sense, or she does not exist at all. Or rather, that the idea of Foierre is somehow more real than the person is. Assuming she exists, it is commonly held that she has access to a wide variety of bodies, and very good ones at that, and she possesses the means to transfer between them regularly. This could be made practical if ego backups were being constantly made, but the equipment for this had to come from somewhere (another question with all too many answers). But it may be that Foierre is not one person, nor nobody at all, but several persons sharing the identity. Another series of possibilities, that.

But one question still remains, and the answer to this may be the only means of discerning the answers to the above questions: why is she rebelling against the Body of Multilateral Accord? What does she stand to gain in this war?

This question may too be backwards. Why does the Body of Multilateral Accord seek to stop her?

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